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China to launch health education campaign
Time: 2008/1/2   Hits: 5406 
China will launch an education campaign among its 200 million students to improve their physical and psychological health in the coming ten years.
More than ten departments including the China Youth Concern Committee, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health have jointly issued a circular to popularize healthy lifestyles in primary and middle schools, colleges and universities across the country.
Lectures, surveys, training sessions, exhibitions and other related activities will be held to help the Chinese students to increase their awareness of health and self-protection.
The campaign includes education on patriotism, law, health, safety, food and medicine safety, drug prohibition and work-study programs.
A health network on campus will be established in thousands of schools nationwide to provide psychological consultation services for students. Some analysts say China's young generation is vulnerable to frequent moodiness and has become lost in lust for material and physical pleasure.
Sociologists acknowledged that the pressures on the students come mainly from intensive, rigid competition to be accepted by higher schools, job hunting, love affairs and the lack of school assistance in shaping a healthy personality.
The 10-year-long campaign will be implemented by the China Youth Concern Committee and a foundation affiliated to the committee.
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