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Veterinary Medical Equipment
Ultrasound Scanner
Digital Color Doppler
Patient Monitor
Vital Sign Monitor
Chemistry Analyzer
ECG Machine
Pulse oximeter
Fetal Doppler
ETCO2 Monitor
Fetal Monitor
Reusable SPO2 sensor
Spo2 Extension Cable
Disposable SPO2 sensor
One Piece ECG cable
ECG/EKG cable with leads
Temperature probe
IBP cable
NIBP cuff with tubes
EKG Electrodes
Service Hotline
NIBP cuff with tubes
Disposable NIBP CUFF
Disposable NIBP CUFF
Cuff material: non-woven fabric or TPU
Single tube or double tubes
With bladder or without bladder
Arm circumference :
Adult thigh : 40-55 cm
Large adult : 33-45 cm
Adult: 25-34cm
Infant :15-21cm
Neonate: 5-10.5cm
Compatible with most kinds of patient monitor: Goldway ,Mindray, Biolight, Edan, Chioce, HP,GE and so on .
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