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Veterinary Medical Equipment
Patient Monitor
Vital Sign Monitor
Pulse oximeter
ETCO2 Monitor
ECG Machine
Chemistry Analyzer
Hematology Analyzer
Ultrasound Scanner
Digital Color Doppler
Fetal Doppler&Fetal Monitor
Reusable SPO2 sensor
Spo2 Extension Cable
Disposable SPO2 sensor
One Piece ECG cable
ECG/EKG cable with leads
Temperature probe
IBP cable
NIBP cuff with tubes
EKG Electrodes
Service Hotline
NIBP cuff with tubes
Disposable NIBP CUFF
Disposable NIBP CUFF
Cuff material: non-woven fabric or TPU
Single tube or double tubes
With bladder or without bladder
Arm circumference :
Adult thigh : 40-55 cm
Large adult : 33-45 cm
Adult: 25-34cm
Infant :15-21cm
Neonate: 5-10.5cm
Compatible with most kinds of patient monitor: Goldway ,Mindray, Biolight, Edan, Chioce, HP,GE and so on .
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