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Fetal Monitor 10.4 Inches
High-tech fetal monitors, offer a reliable, high-performance solution for fetal monitoring needs in the clinic and hospital, from pre-natal check-ups to antepartum monitoring of high-risk pregnancies. Apolo K Series is your best partner from antepartum through intrapartum till delivery.
Fetal Monitor is equipped with unique 12-Crystal Ultrasound Transducers. This capability helps to ensure superior signal quality by maintaining a uniform beam pattern throughout its depth of penetration. 12-Crystal Ultrasound Transducer achieve a wider focal region for more uniform coverage at greater depth than conventional 9-Crystal Transducers. 12-Crystal Ultrasound design helps ensure minimal repositioning, even with challenging patients of varying sizes.
●Foldable 10.4 inches high-brightness LED display, touch screen (optional)
●12-Crystal doppler transducer for accurate detection (waterproof for option)
●Supporting operation with keyboard and mouse (optional)
●Large capacity storage space, 8640 hours memory for fetal traces
●Support medical history search by patient ID, name and mobile number
●FHR signal quality indicator helps optimize the probe position
●Event Marker makes it easy to annotate perceived fetal movements (FM) or other events on the strip chart
●Fetal Movement Profile (FMP) detects and automatically records gross fetal body movements
●Heart rate offset mode allowing you to offset FHR2 ± 5~30BPM.
●Cross-Channel Verification (CCV) provide visual and audible indication when it automated detects synchronous fetal or maternal heart rate/ pulse rate signals, indicating that you may be monitoring duplicate signals
●Fetal heart rate alarm provides both audible and visual alerts if the heart rate
is outside of the user-defined high/low range.
●Easy-to-load Z-fold paper stacks itself neatly upon exiting the recorder, facilitating easy storage 
●Optional build-in wireless network card, supporting wired or wireless connection to the central monitoring station
●Support HL7 (Health Level Seven, optional)
●Optional Fischer Non-Stress Test (NST) report software allows interpretation of fetal heart Rate and TOCO traces, and generates a printed report automatically for a reassuring NST
Transducer type : 12-Crystal ultrasound transducer
Measure method: Wide beam pulse doppler
FHR Measurement range:  30 to 240 bpm (US Standard)
                                            50 to 210 bpm (Europe Standard)
Intensity:   <3 mW/cm2
Ultrasound frequency : 1MHz±3%
Resolution: 1 bpm
Accuracy: ±1 bpm
Measurement method:  Strain gauge sensor element
Measure range : 0 ~ 100 units
Resolution: 1 unit
Nonlinear deviation : ≤±8%
Baseline setting : 0,5,10,15, 20 can be selected
Auto offset correction:
3 second after connecting the transducer
Auto zero adjust:
TOCO value is set to zero negative
following a negative Measure value for 5 seconds
●Fetal Movement Recording
Automatic fetal movement (AFM):  pulsed doppler ultrasound
Automatic fetal movement autograph
Manual fetal movement marker (MFM)
●SpO2(Digital Technic)
Measurement Range: 0 ~ 100 %
Resolution: 1 %
Accuracy:  ±2% (70% ~ 100%)
                 ±3 % (35% ~ 69%)
                 Unspecified (0 ~ 34%)
Range: 25~250bpm
Accuracy: ±1% or ±1 bpm, whichever is greater
Resolution: 1bpm
●Maternal NIBP(MNIBP)
Method: Oscillometric
Measure mode Manual, Auto, STAT
Measure Interval in AUTO Mode 1~480 min
STAT mode cycle time:  Keep 5 minutes, at 5 seconds interval
Measure and Alarm Range
Systolic: 30~270 mmHg
Diastolic: 10~220 mmHg
Mean: 20~235 mmHg
Static pressure accuracy ±3mmHg
Resolution 1mmHg
Accuracy: Maximum Mean error ±5mmHg
Maximum Standard deviation 8mmHg
Over pressure Protection: Dual protection via software & hardware
●NST Report (Option)
Based on Fischer Evaluation Method (monitoring time≥20 Min)
Automatic Score Result:
Sore:8-10  (Excellent)
Sore:5-7   (Suspicious)
Score:≤4  ( Fetus Hypoxia)
Dimension and Weight
Dimension and Weight
Dimension: 320mm*260mm*80mm
Weight: 2.8kg(excluding accessories)
Power Supply
Adapter: Output 9VDC, 5A
Voltage:AC100~240V, 50/60HZ
10.4" color LED  (0-135° rotation)
Resolution:800*600 pixels
Battery (Built-in)
Type: Rechargeable lithium battery
Charge Cycle: ≥500 times
Working time: 2 hours (optional larger battery for 4-5 hrs)
Recorder (Built-in)
Method:  Thermal printer
Paper: Z-fold, thermosensitive
Paper width: 112 mm(4.41 in)
Printing speed: 1/2/3cm/min
Trace: Max. 4 tracks
Recording way: Real-time Recording,
                          Review Printing
Level: Low, medium and high
Indication: Auditory, Visual, Delay of FHR Alarm
Input Device
Touch screen(optional)
Keypad input(Standard)
Mouse/ Keyboard input (optional)
System Output & Extensible Interfac
Ethernet Network:  1 standard RJ45 socket
USB Port : 1
Trend & Reviewing
Cardiotocography (CTG):
Waveform Review:  8640 hours
Vital Signs: 
Trend:  2160 hours
Waveform Review:  2 hours
NIBP Review: 2000 groups
Alarm Review:  2000 groups
IEC60601-1 Approved, CE marking according to MDD93/42/EEC
With reference to RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU recasting
Standard Configuration
●Apolo K1:
Single FHR+ TOCO+ AFM/MFM+ Lithium Battery
●Apolo K2:
Single FHR+Dual FHR+ TOCO+ AFM/MFM+Singal Overlap Alarm+ Lithium Battery
●Apolo K3:
Single FHR+TOCO+ AFM/MFM+Singal Overlap Alarm+Maternal Parameters (NIBP,SpO2,PR)+ Lithium Battery
●Apolo K4:
Single FHR+Dual FHR+TOCO+ AFM/MFM+Singal Overlap Alarm+Maternal Parameters (NIBP,SpO2,PR)+ Lithium Battery
●Touch Screen/key Board/Mouse/Central Monitor System
●HDMI/Fetal Simulator/Waterproof Probe/Wall mount/Trolley
●Advanced Fischer NST Report (Fetal Health Report)
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