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Vital Sign Monitor
Desktop Vital Sign monitor
Four parameters: NIBP,SpO2,Pulse Rate,Temperature
1 SpO2 waveform, PR strength display
2 2.8 inch color LCD with real time display
3 Storage/Review trend data up to 3888 groups, data save time interval settable
4 Audio and visual alarm when parameters exceeded and sensor-off
5 Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, up to 4 hour running time
6 Automatic shutdown for power saving, shutdown time interval settable
7 Via USB to connect with the computer ro upload data
8 Battery capacity indicatior and prompt when battery low
Technical Specifications
Measure Method: Automatic oscillometric
Patient: Adult and Pediatric
Measurement unite: mmHg/kPa selectable
Measurement mode: Manual, Auto, STAT
Measurement Type: SYS, DIA, MAP
Measurement interval in AUTO mode:1,2,3,5,10,15,20,30,45,60 and 90 Min
Measuring period in STAT mode: 5 Min
Measure range:
Adult:30~255 mmHg; child: 30~160 mmHg
Accuracy: 1 mmHg
Alarm limits range:
SYS : Upper limits70~250 mmHg,     Lower limits 60~180 mmHg
DIA : Upper limits 40~200 mmHg,     Lower limits35~150 mmHg
MAP : Upper limits 60~230 mmHg,      Lower limits 50~160 mmHg
Measure Range:  35~100%
SpO2 Accuracy:  2%(70~99%), 3%(40~70%)
Pulse Rate Accuracy: 1 bpm
 Alarm limits range:
SpO2  upper limits : 95~100%   lower limits: 85~96%
Pulse Rate:keep up with the heart rate
Channel: 1
Input: Body surface thermal-sensitive resistor temperature sensor
Measurement Unit: °C/°F selectable
Measure range: 0~50℃
Alarm limits range: Upper limits 36~45℃   Lower limits 34~38℃
Measure accuracy: 0.1℃
System specifications 
Alarm ON/OFF: controlled by general switch and parameter switch (two levels)
Display mode: LED and 2.8’ color LCD screen
Trend data: 3888 groups of SpO2, TEMP,SYS, DIA  trend data, The record time interval can be set to 5 Sec. to 120 Sec. , so that the record time rang can be  up to 128 hr.
AC power adaptor      
Input: AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz, 0.7A
Output: DC 5V,2.5A
Internal battery             
Type: 2800mAh/3.7V Li-ion rechargeable battery
Operating Time: 6 hours of stand-by time with a full battery.
Recharge time: 8 hours
Net Weight : 1000g
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